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Perhaps less known than the other music blogs covered here, Pigeons & Planes is now owned by Complex and is part of a vast pop culture website.

Different Types of Music Content

For most music creators, they take their work very seriously because of the emotional attachment they may harbor to a particular piece. Not everyone is going to take you seriously in the music industry and that extends a bit into the culture as a whole. Note that within a certain subset, abstract concepts or performances may seem odd to one group, but that is not a disqualifying factor for success.


You really do a disservice to your audience by homogenizing your content or dumbing it down. What you should focus on when creating is to do whatever you do extremely well. You see examples of this with some artists that got popular by virtue of using the same hook over and over, but just changing a small part of it. It doesn’t make them any less popular for them to do it, so why should it for you?

You don’t have to appeal to mainstream audiences to be successful, but you have to appeal to enough people that they would feel comfortable recommending you to their friends.


Figure out your schedule early if you’re going to have a schedule. If a schedule makes the quality of your work go down, ditch it altogether. The artist in you will be able to make up for the lack of organization in your life. However, we would still recommend putting yourself on some kind of deadlines so that your creative impulses don’t stray too far from actually getting stuff done.

The most common type of music you’ll see on social media are original songs or collaborations. These artist usually retain the full rights to the Intellectual Property, but it can be split among multiple people or labels.

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